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Shotgun Cleaning

Gun Safety & Cleaning Tips

Things to know before cleaning:

• Always check to make sure your gun is unloaded before cleaning.

• Inspect your gun as you clean. Check your firearms for wear and cracks when you clean. Consult a qualified gunsmith for any necessary repairs.

• Don't disassemble your gun more than necessary. Refer to owners manuals for instructions. Only disassemble gun to the point needed to reach areas where powder residue and fouling accumulate (bore, chamber, bolt, etc.).


• Use a vise to secure your firearm to save time and work.

• When using Pro-Shot 1-Step Gun Cleaner & Lubricant, let the solvent set for 15 minutes so the penetrating agents and additives can break down and lift up fouling.

• The jag is the most superior way to remove fouling from the bore because it gives the patch constant pressure against the bore when cleaning versus dragging a patch through the bore with a patch holder.

• Use the appropriate size brush or jag. Our brushes' and jags' are caliber specific (We don't sell the same brush or jag for multiple sizes).

• We recommend the use of a muzzle guard and bore guide to center rods and to reduce fouling from entering the action.

Dis assembly

Disassemble the gun and remember not to disassemble it more than needed and to check for any damage. Remove choke from bore prior to cleaning.

Selection & Saturation

Select Appropriate Size Cleaning Jag & Attach Patch. Run a wet patch or mop saturated with Pro-Shot (1 Step Cleaner/Lubricant or Copper Solvent IV) through the bore several times to penetrate and loosen fouling. You can use a patch holder or a specific sized Pro-Shot spear pointed jag when using cleaning patches to saturate the barrel. The Jag is the most superior way to remove fouling from the bore because it gives the patch constant pressure against the bore when cleaning versus dragging a patch through the bore with a patch holder.

Tip: Let the 1 Step Cleaner/Lubricant do the work by soaking 10-15 minutes and you will reduce brushing.

Select the appropriate Brush Size and Clean your gun in the same direction as the bullet travels (from breech to muzzle end). Use a muzzle Guard to center the Rod when cleaning. Do Not Reverse bore brush in barrel. Repeat this process 2-3 times.

Re-attach a Jag or Patch Holder and pass clean patches down the bore until they emerge as clean.

For Heavy fouling it may be necessary to re-lubricate the bore with solvent, brush, and follow with dry patches.

Because 1Step-Gun Cleaner & Lubricant and Copper Solvent IV has oil in it, it is not necessary to follow up with additional lubrication for the Bore which makes your cleaning process faster & easier.

Cleaning the Chamber

Use a Pro-Shot Chamber cleaning tool with the appropriate brush to break lose fouling in the chamber

Cleaning the Action

Use a nylon or bronze bristle gun brush saturated with cleaning solvent and scrub areas where powder residue and fouling build up (slides, forcing cone, top strap, ejectors, etc.) Use Pro-Shot Fouling Blaster for hard to reach areas of the action and trigger mechanism (ensure to properly lubricate after using fouling blaster)


Be sure to lightly lubricate all surfaces that have been degreased and all moving parts. This will aid in rust prevention as well as increase the life of the firearm. Do not over lubricate, this can cause the action to become gummy, allowing dust and debris to collect. Sparingly use a quality lubricant like Pro-Shot’s (Pro-Gold Grease or Zero Friction) to protect all moving part and inhibit rush. Do not over lubricate. *Use Pro-Gold from 32 Degrees to 450 degrees *Use Zero Friction in extreme cold and heat conditions before reinserting the choke. Use Pro-Shot Choke Tube Lube to prevent stuck chokes and to make changing them faster & easier.


After reassembling the gun, wipe all exposed metal surfaces with a Pro-Shot Metal Care Cloth or Silicone Cloth. This will provide rust corrosion protection and remove fingerprints.